Eric White

NJ-HFA Principal Instructor, Provost

Eric White is a diversified martial arts instructor with twenty years of martial arts experience. An instructor since 1997, Eric has taught martial arts classes in Isshinryu karate and historical fencing. During his time as a student of Isshinryu karate, Eric took advantage of various disciplines offered by his sensei, Doug King of Andover, NJ, and also studied Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, and Ju-jitsu. As a student of Isshinryu, Eric also attained expertise with the bo and sai, traditional Japanese weapons.  In 2006 Eric began studying historical fencing with a small group of friends who trained on Sunday mornings in his karate dojo. By 2007 he earned his third-degree black belt in karate and continued his study of historical fencing. In late 2009, having whipped his passion of historical fencing into a frenzied fever, he left Isshinryu karate after 15 years of study to focus solely on historical fencing and joined the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA).  Eric left ARMA in July 2012 and formed the New Jersey Historical Fencing Association where he is currently the Principal Instructor. His primary areas of focus and instruction are in the longsword, dagger, dusack, and ringen (wrestling).

Brief overview of martial arts career:

  • Began study in June 1994 
  • Earned first-degree black belt in Isshinryu karate in November 1997 
  • Assistant Wrestling Coach, Lakeland Regional High School 2004-09 
  • Began study of historical fencing in 2006 
  • Best tournament finish in sparring: 2nd place, men’s black-belt division age 18-34, Doug King Invitational Karate Tournament, 
  • Earned third-degree black belt in Isshinryu karate in June 2007 
  • Joined ARMA in December 2009 
  • Earned “Longsword Adept” ranking with ARMA, January 2011 
  • Formed the New Jersey Historical Fencing Association as Principal Instructor, July 2012 
  • Officiated tournament finals at Longpoint 2013, July 2013 
  • Earned “Senior Free Scholar” ranking with the Historical Fencing Affiliates by playing his prize before Provost Aaron Pynenberg of the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association; 112 bouts, 89-23 win/loss record (79% win percentage) in 53 minutes, November 2013