The Historical Fencing Affiliates

The Historical Fencing Affiliates (HFA) are comprised of autonomous and equal member organizations. These member organizations conduct their own business by any means and structure they deem necessary but are held together by a common rank structure. Below are some of the member organizations.

Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association

Appleton, WI Aaron Pynnenberg

La Crosse, WI Scott Hanson

Menomonie, WI Ben Wallschlaeger

Milwaukee,WI JeremiahBackhaus

New Jersey Historical Fencing Association

Contact: Eric White

Michigan Historical Art of Arms Fellowship

Battle Creek, MI

Contact: Jenny, Justin Snyder

Facebook Page

Texas Armizare

Houston, TX

​Spring, TX

Contact: John Shmidt

Turkey Historical Fencing Association

Izmir, Turkey

Contact: Deniz Ince

Facebook Page

Steel Ring Academy

Bradenton, FL

​Contact: Jeff Wilson

Order of the Dragon

Contact: Gene Tausk

Facebook Page

Edel Krieg Historical Fencing Association

Denver, CO

​Contact: Andrew Weems